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Inside of The Little Barn

Inside of The Honeymooner



The California Ponderosa is located in Slab City, CA. It is an extreme desert environment. Ponderosa accommodations are indoor trailers. While we do our best to keep it clean, (linens are always changed upon check-out and replaced with fresh bedding for new guests), the camp is IN THE DESERT. There is dirt. If you are bothered by dirt and off-grid camping, this may not be the place for you. Please plan accordingly. Weather through Nov-Dec, 70s during the day 50s at night.


MOST MEALS COOKED IN THE KITCHEN INVOLVE MEAT. Clean pans are available should you require cooking without.


(All rentals include use of full camp facilities. More available on airbnb).


The Slabbin' Cabin

The rustic feel of this root'n toot'n cabin is as unique as Slab City itself! This simple abode features a king size bed, hot shower, wood burning stove, and an evaporative cooling system. Dark and private.

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The Little Barn In The Desert

The little barn in the desert! Not to be confused with the little house on the prairie. This ain't no prairie! It's still off-grid living at its best! Twin bunk beds, solar power, and full access to the whole camp and Slab City festivities! Come on down and let us show you what this place is really about!

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The Honeymooner Suite

Outdoor living at its finest! Queen sized bed, full bath, and full kitchen with running water all located in the beautiful desert of Slab City! Get full use of off-grid camp facilities! Enjoy great live music from slab neighbors and phenomenal artwork from artists all over the world as we take you on a tour through the Slabs!

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Try The Rest Now Try The Best

Experience off-grid desert living in comfort and style! Our cozy Coachmen has two beds, running water, and a rustic feel you wont get anywhere else! Enjoy 24 hour use of camp facilities while making the most of your visit with a scenic view of the Chocolate Mountains, live music from local artists, and our very own Slab City tour! Come on down!

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