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The California Ponderosa is located in Slab City, CA. It is an extreme desert environment. Ponderosa accommodations are indoor trailers. While we do our best to keep it clean, (linens are always changed upon check-out and replaced with fresh bedding for new guests), the camp is IN THE DESERT. There is dirt. If you are bothered by dirt and off-grid camping, this may not be the place for you. Please plan accordingly. Weather through Nov-Dec, 70s during the day 50s at night.

The Ponderosa provides shelter, water, and solar. Here are a few tips about what our other guests bring:


WATER WATER WATER! Bring bottled water to drink as you explore. Water will save your life! You can refill in camp.

Sunscreen and other protection from UV rays.

Eyewear for sun and sand protection, and handkerchiefs used as breathing masks during windstorms.

Food and drink. Please bring an ice chest to store your perishables in. Ice and food are available at the market in Niland on the corner of 111 and Main St. (Just as you turn to head in). We provide an open full kitchen and grill, including utensils and dishes, 24 hours a day.

Party favors. No hard drugs. Please keep noise respectful for your fellow campers and neighbors.

Towel. For showering or drying off after visiting the Hot Springs or Canal.

All personal hygiene products you may require.

Musical? Bring your instrument! The campfire is a nightly story-telling and music-sharing tradition!

Are you an artist? Bring your paints and leave your mark on The Ponderosa!

A camera!


All bookings and questions regarding Slab City visits are handled through our . Please contact us there.
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